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First Grade News Oct. 17, 2011

Notes and Reminders
• We are in need of small, inexpensive items for the Treat Box if anyone would like to donate something to the class. (small Dollar Tree toys, wrapped candy, unopened Happy Meal toys, etc.) Thank you!

We’re studying…
digraphs (sh,ch,wh,th,ck), long a spelling words, different types of sentences, reading strategies, reading in guided reading groups at your child’s reading level, making connections while reading, writing a personal narrative, addition and subtraction, graphing, problem solving, bats.
Dates to Remember
No dates to remember at this time.
Lunch Menu

Tuesday macaroni and cheese with grilled franks or ham
Wednesday breakfast for lunch
Thursday beef tacos or chicken soft tacos
Friday stuffed crust pizza or rainbow trout treasures
Monday ravioli or veggie beef soup with sandwich

Salad Bar available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

First Grade News Oct. 3, 2011

Notes and Reminders
• Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed a nice Fall Break with your children.
• I was very pleased with the progress the children made the first quarter of school and I look forward to seeing even more growth over the next 9 weeks.
• We are beginning a study of Fall. Please help your child find something in nature that we see only in Fall and send it to school by Wednesday for a class discussion and science display. (Ex: chestnuts, fall leaves, walnuts, wooly worms, dogwood berries, acorns, etc.)

We’re studying…
tapping out words to read and spell, digraphs (sh,ch,wh,th,ck), reading strategies, reading in guided reading groups at your child’s reading level, comprehension strategies, writing a personal narrative, addition, number order, fire safety, Fall.
Dates to Remember
Oct. 12 Teacher Workday/No School
Oct. 13 Literacy Night 6:00-7:00
Lunch Menu
Tuesday Breakfast for lunch
Wednesday Ham or Turkey Roast
Thursday Beef tacos or Chicken tacos
Friday Fish sandwich or Pepperoni Pizza
Monday Asian chicken or Rib-b-q
Salad Bar available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday