Mrs. Glavich's First Grade Class

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First Grade News Nov. 14th

Notes and Reminders
• Friday is Pajama Day to help raise canned food for our Christmas Food Drive. If your child wears pajamas that day please send one can of food as “payment” for the fun of getting to wear their favorite pajamas to school. 
• Permission slips and the first payment for the Field Trip were due today, the 14th. If you forgot, just send it in tomorrow. We want every child to go. If we might be of some help to your family please let us know.
We’re studying…
reading strategies, reading in guided reading groups at your child’s reading level, making mental images while reading to aid in comprehension, studying authors craft to improve writing, bonus letters in Fundations Phonics, long e and u, addition and subtraction, understanding the calendar, problem solving, graphing, number sense, the first Thanksgiving.
Dates to Remember
Nov. 14 1st payment due for Field Trip/ Permission slip due
Nov. 16 School wide Thanksgiving Feast
Nov. 18 Pajama Day
Nov. 19 Craft Fair sponsored by PTO
Nov. 23-25 Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 5 2nd payment due for Field Trip (All money is needed by this date)
Dec. 13 Field Trip