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Beanie Baby Reading Strategies

The children are loving the beanie baby reading strategies that we are using. The latest that have been introduced are Chunk the Monkey and Flip the Dolphin.

Chunky Monkey teaches us to look for familiar words or chunks that we see in words we don’t know. For instance, in understand we can find “and” which is a word we know.

Flippy the Dolphin teaches us to flip the vowel sound in a word that we can’t figure out. If the short vowel sound in the word doesn’t make sense, try the long vowel sound.

I hope you are finding this blog useful. 🙂

More Reading Strategies

The children have been working with the second Beanie Baby Strategy, Lips the Fish. We teach children to get their lips ready, say the first sounds, read and say it again.

The next strategy that I will be introducing is Stretch It Out Snake. We will practice stretching words out and putting sounds together.

We practice these strategies in reading groups, with big books and poems everyday.

Beanie Baby Reading Strategies

We have begun using reading decoding strategies with Beanie Babies. Today I introduced the eagle for Using Your Eagle Eye. When reading, use the pictures for clues to help figure out the word.