Final blog of 2012-2013

May 28th, 2013

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend as we remembered those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, our dedicated veterans, and those that continue to serve our country each day so that we can have the incredible freedoms that we do.

Your children, our students, worked incredibly hard last week on Knockin’ Out the EOGs!!! I am so proud of each one of them!!!

We’ve worked hard and now we are going to play hard! It is time these kids reap the rewards of hard work.

Agenda for the week:  Fun activities for each classroom, award presentations, movies, yearbook signing,  and water play (Weds. – bring a towel, sunscreen, hat, & water bottle).

If your child will not be attending the Friday, 10:30 dismissal day, then please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope so that their report card may be mailed home for your convenience.

This is the final blog for the 2012-2013 school year…  Thank you for allowing me to enjoy each of your children every day.  These students have taught me far more than I could’ve ever taught them.  Your children have been a blessing to me.  I’ve loved seeing the transformation with boys and girls who would hesitantly enter ELA every day change to students who would enter with a jovial attitude ready and willing to learn.  Again, thank you for entrusting me with your children as they made the leap to middle school and wow did they (and you) do it ever so gracefully… tough at times I’m sure, but your children have experienced great physical, mental and social growth in the last 10 months!  They are ready for seventh grade!!!! (Ahhhhhhhh!  Yes, YOU have a seventh grader and I know you aren’t ready, but they are.)  I wish you thousands of laughs and precious moments over the summer.  Thank you for your support, sweet emails, and notes of encouragement.

P.S.  The most important thing your child can do academically for ELA is read, read, read.  We have a longer than usual summer and students who do not read will regress.  Please encourage them to read on those car rides, by the pool, before bed, or for an hour after lunch.  Whatever works for your schedule and theirs.  Just please do not abandon books for the summer!!!  Happy reading!

Week of May 20 – 24

May 17th, 2013

IT IS GAME TIME! Our students have worked hard all year, but have really gave it their all the last four weeks as they’ve relentlessly trained for the big events coming up this week! Hug them tight, wish them luck and reassure them that they are ready and will do well as long as they work diligently and use the strategies they’ve practiced!

Monday: I am sending home a “Knockin’ Out the EOGs” sheet that we went over in class. I’d love for them to sit down and read over it with you and tell you what each item means. Please sign the sheet and return to school with them on Tuesday. Otherwise – homework is to sleep well, eat well (something with protein for brain benefits and to ward off hunger), and wear layers and a positive attitude!

Tuesday – Thursday: NO HOMEWORK FROM ELA


Week of May 13-17

May 13th, 2013

This mother is dragging my feet on getting the blog done after a great day with my two kiddos….sorry!

Goal: Less stress at home this week over homework due to MSLs (Measure of Student Learning) starting tomorrow!


MSL Social Studies – Tuesday

MSL Science – Wednesday

Quiz on Round 4 Vocabulary – Thursday

4 books due Friday!

Read 30 minutes, title, pages, & parent signature each night Mon – Thurs.

Students will have time at school to complete any reading selections and questions.

Thank you! You only have a sixth grader for 12 more school days!!! Ahhhhh! Where has this year gone?!?!

May 6th – May 10th

May 5th, 2013

REMINDER: Two books are due Friday, May 17th. If you haven’t seen a book in your child’s hand this past weekend then you may want to encourage him/her to pick one up. Progress Reports come home Wednesday and with it will be a SRC Student Reading Report. While some students have already completed their four books, others have not passed more than the one test on the book we read in class this nine weeks. Remember, I allowed them to use The Westing Game as one of their four books, so they are responsible for two more fiction and one non-fiction.

Knockin’ Out the EOGs continues this week!!! Training is getting tougher and only the hardest working are reaping the rewards. Last Friday, students were treated to a mid-morning snack during their second block for a pat-on-the-back for a job well done.

Homework is incredibly important. You will see on the progress report that I have allowed/requested that students redo low homework grades up to this point. That changes this week – I need students to do their very best each night on the selections that will be coming home. These are very similar to what your child will be expected to complete on the ELA EOG. Students will not get a second shot at the EOG this year. I need his/her best work every time as we practice. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Every night students should study for Round 3 Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday and reading their novel nightly, especially if they haven’t completed their four books.
MONDAY- Reading Selection – Fiction
TUESDAY- Reading Selection – Nonfiction
WEDNESDAY – Reading Selection – Poem/ Please sign progress report and SRC Reading Report.
THURSDAY- Read 30 mins. Title and pages with parent signature in agenda. Please sign red ‘Knockin’ Out the EOG’ paper.

Thank you so much! Please remember we need your children, our students, to finish strong. Two more weeks of homework, then the EOGs on week three!!!

***Remember if you have a comment/concern/request, please do not post it on the blog.  My inbox is so full of SPAM on here that I cannot keep up.  Please email me if you need me.

Week of April 29th – May 3rd

April 29th, 2013

Round One was successful.  While some of our students may have slipped a little on not completing their homework as we had asked, there were lessons learned.  Only 39% were eligible to eat outside at the park last Friday.  We are looking for that number to increase this Friday now that the rules are well established.


MONDAY:  Reading Passage, “Heads or Tails” and study Round Two Vocabulary for Quiz on Thursday.

TUESDAY:  Reading Passage, “Cooking Creations” and study Round Two Vocabulary for Quiz on Thursday.

WEDNESDAY:  READ 30 mins, title, pages with parent signature and study for Round Two Quiz (tomorrow).  Students must pass vocabulary test with a 70% or higher to earn Friday reward.

THURSDAY:  READ 30 mins, title, pages with parent signature and get red “Knockin’ Out the EOG” checklist.


Week of April 22nd – 26th

April 21st, 2013

I have a feeling this is going to be long, but here it goes:

1. First note of business: If you want to leave me a message about the blog, please email me instead of posting here. I don’t want to miss your comment or suggestion and my SPAM has increased and I just can’t keep up with going over each one and deleting them out. Please email me if you need to make contact:

2. Lots of important things coming your way. Instead of retyping or attempting to paste here, I’m going to try to create links to a parent letter and a Knockin’ Out the EOGs checklist.
Both sheets will come home Monday, so be on the look out.  Here is your sneak peek:

EOG Knockin’ Out EOG Letter to Parents 2013

Knockin Out the EOG Checklist – Preview

3.  This leads to homework.  As to homework, your child needs to utilize the RUNNERS reading strategy technique to ensure they have thoroughly pulled apart each passage and been an active reader.  I have attached the RUNNERS reading strategy below.  Some students are familiar with this from elementary school, while others are not.  Students will not earn full credit if these techniques aren’t utilized.



MONDAY:  Begin studying for Thursday’s quiz (ROUND ONE – ELA Vocabulary)

Reading Passage: “4H” and “Motto for a Dog” (use RUNNERS for full credit, underline text evidence and number where applicable).

Please sign ELA Newsletter and Knockin’ Out EOG checklist (signature required under student’s pledge) and return with your child Tuesday.

TUESDAY:  Study for ROUND ONE Vocab. Quiz

Reading Passage:  “How the Tortoise Got His Cracked Shell”

WEDNESDAY:  READ 30 minutes, title, pages and parent signature and study for ROUND ONE Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday (tomorrow!)

THURSDAY:  READ 30 minutes, title pages, and parent signature.

Parent signature needed on red sheet under this week’s teacher signatures.  Thanks!

I hope this all makes sense and I hope that you see the value in their homework as I do.  Thank you for your support all year long and throughout these last four weeks of  ‘training’ for the big fight on week five!!!  Go BEARS!!!

April 15 – April 19

April 15th, 2013

Monday – Thursday:
Homework will be to read 30 mins, title and pages noted with parent signature.

Less than five weeks until four books are due. Due May 17, 2013. (Our classroom novel counts as one fiction, but students must pass test with a 70%)

Depending on progress through The Westing Game, students may have 5-10 comprehension questions (multiple choice) to answer. I cannot put it on here, because it is not until we hit certain parts in the book that the assignment will be used. Also different classes are in different parts in the book. Thanks for understanding in advance.

Progress Reports come home Tuesday. Please sign and return.

Week of April 8 – April 12

April 8th, 2013

We’re back!!!  Everyone looks tired today (including me)!  I hope your children enjoyed the break and can use this week to get back in the groove.


  • 4 BOOKS ARE DUE FRIDAY, MAY 17TH. (Our classroom novel, The Westing Game, will count as one of the four as long as the student passes the SR Test with a 70% or above.)
  • Spring Pictures are coming home Tuesday.  Please pay for what you want and send pictures or check back to school with your child ASAP.

Monday & Tuesday: (one assignment/two nights to complete)
*Reading Passage: “Taking Stock of the Stock Market.” Students are to read, answer questions and underline text evidence. This passage will increase their understanding of what is about to happen in our class novel, The Westing Game.

Wednesday & Thursday: Read 30 minutes, title and pages, with parent signature in agenda.

Have a great week!

Revised Homework for March 27th & March 28th

March 27th, 2013

Due to the snow days, homework has changed.

Wednesday: Read 30 mins, title, pages read and parent signature


March 25 – March 28

March 22nd, 2013

*Report Cards and ELA Newsletters came home last Thursday. Both were due back Friday with parent signatures.  If they did not come back signed, your child was removed from the 100% Club for the fourth nine weeks.  They were told this numerous times on Thursday.
*27 Week Tests went well. We are awaiting scores.
*100% Club Field Trip was successful!
*SR Party was a blast!

This week begins a four day week with Friday being a holiday for Good Friday. Homework for the week is as follows:

Monday & Tuesday: (one assignment/two nights to complete)
*Reading Passage: “Taking Stock of the Stock Market.” Students are to read, answer questions and underline text evidence. This passage will increase their understanding of what is about to happen in our class novel, The Westing Game.
*Study Stem List 14 for test on just those 10 stems. Extra Credit will be available. Test on Thursday.

Wednesday: Read 30 mins, title, pages read with parent signature. Study for Stem Test 14. TEST THURSDAY!
Thursday: Have a wonderful, terrific, spectacular spring break with your kiddos! Hope you are able to slip away from work a little early to enjoy some extra time with them.