Meet Your Teacher

Mrs. May is a very nice teacher.   She enjoyes math and wants her students to enjoy it also.  She knows that many students dislike math and really do not like “math class”.   So, she wears a smile and likes to laugh.   It helps!   She is serious about math, though.   She knows it inside and out.   She wants everyone to learn everything they can.   She does not want her students to be like robots that memorize and mimic.   She wants her students to have a deep understanding of math concepts and know how skills can be used for real math reasoning.   She expects that everyone will try his/her best and be serious about math.   Her goal is to prepare all students for any future job they wish to have.   On the way she wants  to enjoy her students and make their middle school math experience as painless as possible.   Yet we all know if there is no pain, there is no gain.   Students are expected to be respectable, responsible, ready to work, and really polite and positive.

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