Curriculum Calendar

Week 1 Review operations with decimals, fractions and mixed numbers.
Week 2 Collect, analyze, and display data with a focus on random sampling.
Week 3 Collect, analyze, and display data with a focus on comparing two sets. 
Week 4 Calculate central tendencies with a focus on comparing two sets.
Week 5 Create and analyze box-plots. 
Week 6 Identify outliers and their effects on graphs.
Week 7 Compare theoretical and experimental probability.*
Week 8 Review and apply skills learned in the unit.
Week 9 Assessment / Re-teach and remediate

Week 10    Integers

Week 11     Ratios and Rates (Equivalent ratios and unit rate)

Week 12  Proportional Reasoning

Week 13  Similar Figures / Indirect Measurement

Week 14  Scale Model and Scale Factor

Week 15  Percents and Percent of Change

Week 16  Unit Review / Tour of Africa Project

Week 17  Unit Test

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