foli-foil stems

foli, foil – leaf

•defoliant (noun)

A chemical that causes the leaves of a plant to fall off.

The defoliant made it easier to harvest the cotton.

• exfoliate (verb)

To strip of leaves or other substance.

People sometimes exfoliate their heads to show support for cancer patients.

• unifoliate (adjective)

Having one leaf per branch.

Even though the leaves on the this plant are unifoliate, they are very large leaves.

•foliage (noun)

All the leaves of a plant.

In October, tourists come to western North Carolina to see the beautiful fall foliage.

•folio (noun)

Pages (leaves) of a book.

The first folios of the Gutenberg  Bible took over four years to print.

•Folic Acid (noun)

A vitamin contained in leafy green vegetables.

Spinach is rich in folic acid, a vitamin that helps prevent a type of serious birth defect.

•portfolio (noun)

A portable case for carrying sheets (leaves) of paper.

An art student needs a portfolio to transport her artwork safely.

•bifoliate (adj)

Having two leaves per stem.

For my science project, I wanted to determine if a bifoliate plant required more water than a unifoliate one.

•trefoil (noun)

A plant or decorative object with three leaves and a stem.

The trefoil has been an emblem of the Girl Scouts for over 100 years.

•foil (noun)

A thin sheet (leaf) of metal.

The capitol building of Georgia is covered in gold foil.