miss-mitt stems

•miss, mitt •to send

•commissioner (noun)

A person sent to meet with others to plan and make official decisions.

The county commissioners met and decided to pave the road in front of my house.

•smite (verb)

To send a sharp blow, to strike.

In this video game, the aliens smite the players who mess up.

• transmit (verb)

To send from one place to the other.

Before telephones, people used the telegraph to transmit messages across the country.

•admissible (adjective)

Able to be sent as truthful evidence.

The results of lie-detector tests are not admissible in court.

•missive (noun)

A message sent through the mail.

I sent the customer service department a long missive about their shoddy products.

•submissive (adjective)

Yielding, obedient

My dog is big, but too submissive to be a guard dog.

•permit (verb)

To allow, to authorize

Flying is a lot more pleasant now that smoking is no longer permitted on airplanes.

•missionary (noun)

A person sent for a special task, usually religious.

My cousin is a medical missionary who helps sick kids in Haiti.

•missile (noun)

A rocket or weapon sent through the air.

Missiles can travel hundreds of miles before striking their targets.

•remittance (noun)

Money sent in payment.

I send a remittance to pay my power bill every month.