Stems Set 5

-ABLE, -ABLY Able to, capable of being Lovable, probably
-ACY State or quality of being Intricacy, democracy
-AGE Belonging to, related to Marriage, acreage, postage
-AL Pertaining to, act of Pectoral, lethal
-AN, -ANT, -ENT One who is Charlatan, urgent, tyrant
-ANCE Act of, state of being, thing that Romance, assonance
-ARY Belonging to, a relation to Rotary, sugary
-ATE Having Mutate, fixate
-ATION, -ITION The act of, result of Elation, taxation
-AR Relating to, like, the nature of Solar, vulgar
-BLE Means, instrument, place Stable, ramble
-CIDE, -CIDAL Killer, having the power to kill Homicidal, insecticide
-CRAT, -CRACY To govern Bureaucrat, democracy
-EN To become, to cause to be Darken, weaken
-ENCE Act, fact, quality, state Excellence, conference