Class Expectations


Be Prepared!  – Come to class with all necessary materials.  These include your binder, pencil, paper, agenda, and textbook.

Be Respectful! –  Respect yourself, each other, and the teacher.  Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Be responsible for your actions! –  Make sure what you are doing does not affect someone else’s learning.

Follow directions the first time they are given!

Assignments will be completed in pencil! – In math, it is expected that people will make mistakes.  By using a pencil, students can easily correct their work by erasing their mistakes.

No late work will be accepted!


When class begins, you should be in your seat with your warm-up folder on your desk.

If you are late to class, do not disrupt the teacher.  Put your excuse note on the teacher’s desk and begin working on whatever we are doing in class. 

If you need to go to the bathroom, you have 2 options.  Each nine weeks, 4 emergency bathroom passes will be given out in class.  You may use one of these passes or you may wait until a scheduled team bathroom/water break.  These breaks will occur after 2nd block and during 4th block.

If you are absent, check the calendar for the missed assignments.  The teacher will have extra copies of any worksheets that were used.


Team discipline procedures will be followed at all times.  Behaviors that require discipline will be hangled in the following way:


After School Detention

Parent Conference

Office Referral