We have come to our senses

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We spent a week exploring our five senses.

Some of our activities included a fall walk, touch bags, a tape of different sounds and a tasting party.

Enjoy some pictures from our favorite sense activity: POPCORN.  We used all of our senses.


Oh McDonald had a farm…

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We had a fantastic day at the Farm.

Farmer Will and Farmer Caleb gave us a great tour and lots of information about the animals and crops at the test farm.

We are ready!!


Meet "Billy-T"

100% Certified Black Angus Beef

I'm not eating that!!

Wow!! That corn is TALL!!

We all enjoyed our trip to the Pumpkin Patch. The test farm allowed us to choose 5 pumpkins.

We can't wait to carve this thing!!

Lunch Time!!


Mrs. Haney and Mrs. Mathis’ Funny Farm

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A whole lot of shaking going on

What do you get when you add cream, salt and some major shaking?

It tasted like butter!!

We enjoyed a “From the Farm” feast.

Breakfast of Champions; eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, butter and jelly, milk and orange juice.  Yum-o!!

The Iron Chefs

New Year, New Adventures

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Starting our “Zoo”per Year!

Our classroom animals decided to take a to tour of our great school.  They left clues and we were able to find them.

Hissy the Snake

Pouch the Kangaroo

Mrs. B helped us.

Vines the Monkey

Jabber the Parrot

Midas the Lion

Hoot the Owl

Baldy the Eagle


Spring is in the air!!

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Spring is one of my favorite times in the classroom.

We have studies tadpoles, polliwogs and frogs.

Seeds and soil were next on the list.  Dirt cake anyone?

Cinco de Mayo was a great learning experience that included studying traditions, music and eating a little of the food.

Here we are dancing “The Mexican Hat Dance” and playing the special “egg celebration” game.

Spiders and insects made their way into our classroom studies too.

We made a classroom spider web.

Our class found a way to “eat” through our study of insects and spiders.  Enjoy the pictures of their food creations of each.

Fun at the Easter Party and Egg Hunt

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We had a great lunch and had a ton of fun.

The Pinkston family even worked in a visit from the “Easter Bunny.”

Our egg hunt was exciting.

We pinned the eggs in the basket and made bird nests.


Mrs. Best’s last day

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Mrs. Best left our room with some good experiences, great memories and plenty of “teaching” stuff.

It took two bags to hold all of her goodies!! Thanks to all of you that helped let her know what a great job she did.

Mrs. Best had a few “goodies” of her own to share with the class.

Mrs. Best “thumb”body loves you!!

Breakfast with Mrs. Best

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We were sad to see Mrs. Best leave.

We celebrated our time with Mrs. Best by having a delicious breakfast.

Thanks to the Pinkston, Denton and Greene families for making this breakfast over the top!


St. Patrick’s Day

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Our class enjoyed “Lucky Charms” and Shamrock shakes.

Thanks to the Cody family, our class also enjoyed some Leprechaun bling and a piece of GOLD!!

Science Time

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How good is your huffer and puffer?

Our class conducted an experiment to see how many huffs and puffs it took to blow certain objects across the room.  Enjoy (we sure did)!

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