Librarian:  Carol A. Clarke

Library Vision:
Our Library’s Vision is for all students to become effective users of information and to gain a sense of reading appreciation that will continue throughout their lifetime.

Library Mission:
To accomplish the Vision I will:

* Collaboratively plan with teachers to provide integrated lessons in the library that mesh the Information Skills Curriculum of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study with the subjects being taught in the classrooms.

* Provide materials to support grade level curriculum.

* Meet student’s reading needs with educational, informational and recreational resources.

*Teach researching skills at each grade level using Michael Eisenberg’s ”Big6″ and “Super3″ research models.

* Provide a schedule of “Open Circulation” in the library.

* Provide a literature-rich environment through lessons and resources.

Library Hours:  7:30a.m. – 3:30p.m. Monday – Friday

Each class (1st – 5th grade) comes weekly for integrated lessons and book checkout. Open circulation is practiced at the Hazelwood Library, which means that students may check out books at any time during the day. All they need to do is come with a library pass and books to return. This enables students to check out books more than once a week.

Library Policies:

Each student in 1st grade can check out one book at a time and each student in grades 2nd – 5th can check out two books at a time. Books are due in one week. Chapter books, books used for projects and longer, non -fiction books can  be renewed if the student hasn’t finished it. Books can also be put on hold if it is not in the library when the student is looking for it. If a book becomes damaged or lost while in a student’s possession, they are responsible for paying to replace the book. The library will, in turn, buy another copy of the same book or one comparable to it.

Research Skills:
I am a strong supporter of providing students with the skills to research. In our 21st Century Information Age it is vital that students understand how to find answers to questions that become  a part of their daily lives, either at school or home. It is for this reason that I teach Michael Eisenberg’s “Big6″ Research Process. This is a logical, six-step research process that helps students see how to navigate through a research project. Once mastered, these skills will extend into any facet of their lives as they know how to make informed decisions based on knowing how to use information and ideas effectively.

To learn more about Eisenberg’s “Big6″ Research Process visit:

Research skills will also be taught to our youngest students (K-2) using Eisenberg’s “Super3″ Research Process.

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