Use these websites to complete your 3rd Grade “Big6″ Biography Research Project (Various People) (Various People) (President Barak Obama) (Dale Earnhardt, Jr.) (Dale Earnhardt, Jr.) (Various People) (Women in History) (Various People) (Various People) (Dr. Seuss) (U.S. Presidents) (U.S. Presidents) (U.S. Presidents) (Marian Anderson) (Marian Anderson) (Marian Anderson) (Jackie Robinson) (Jackie Robinson) (Helen Keller) (Helen Keller) (Elvis Presley) (Elvis Presley) (Albert Einstein) (Albert Einstein) (Albert Einstein) (Albert Einstein) ** (Mozart) (Mozart) (Martin Luther King, Jr.) (Martin Luther King, Jr.) (Martin Luther King, Jr.) (Laura Ingalls Wilder) (Laura Ingalls Wilder) (Muhammad Ali) (Muhammad Ali) (Rosa Parks) (Rosa Parks) (Lewis and Clark) (Lewis and Clark) Lewis and Clark) (George Washington) (Abraham Lincoln) (Amelia Earhart) (Amelia Earhart) (Mother Teresa) (Mother Teresa) (Jeff Gordon) (Jeff Gordon) (Serena Williams) (Orville Wright) (Orville Wright) (Orville Wright) (Ben Franklin) (Ben Franklin)

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