Here are just some of the topics that we have been learning about in the library:

Winter 2015

Collaborating with teachers is one of my most important goals.  Everything I teach in the library relates back to what is being taught in each classroom.  Here are some of the details about what your child has been and will be learning during the Winter of 2015:

Kindergarten: Every Wednesday, I have the opportunity to see each Kindergarten class on a rotating basis.  We read many stories based on topics they are learning about at the time. This Winter, along with 2nd grade, we will be participating in the North Carolina Children’s Book Award project (see information below with 2nd grade).

1st grade:  During December, we started to learn about the idea and process of research.  In Grades 1-2, I teach all students about how to research using the “Super 3” research process.  The steps of this process are:  Plan, Do, and Review.  Each student was paired up and given one Nocturnal Animal to research.  Animals ranged from the beaver to the skunk.  During January, we will finish our research and then present our research results.  Each pair will complete an oral presentation of the facts found during their research.  Next, we will move on to learning more about how to research while studying plants.  We will also use the Internet as a resource.

2nd grade:  This Winter, we will be participating in the 2015 North Carolina Children’s Book Award.   This award is given each year to one book based on the votes of children in NC.  There are twelve books on the ballot each year.  The books that appear on the ballot are also recommended by children in NC.  The NC Library Association counts the votes that are submitted and determines the winner – majority wins!  After reading each story, we will cover many topics such as, cause and effect shown in books and making predictions in the story.  We also relate each story to the 7 Habits and how the characters were showing (or sometimes not showing) a specific Habit.  The winner will be announced in May 2015.

3rd grade:  Starting in 3rd grade, I begin to teach a more advanced research process called the “Big 6” (both the “Super 3” and the “Big 6” were created by Michael Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz).  This research process gives students a logical approach to research and will help them become a successful researcher in their educational career.  In winter, we will be researching Famous People using Biographical resources such as, books, the Encyclopedia, and the Internet.  Once our research is complete we will be creating a video talking about our Famous Person so everyone in the class can learn about people who have impacted our lives and society in positive ways.

4th grade:  Before the holiday break, we started learning about Mythology.  The topic of Myths is a part of the new Common Core curriculum.  As we read popular myths, my goal is to introduce students to common phrases, characters, and names contained in Myths that we still hear today.   After our Mythology unit, we will move on to a research unit.

5th grade:  We just finished a “Big6” research unit on Colonial America.  This project gave 5th graders some great background knowledge of Colonial times before they are visited by Camp Flintlock, a group that will come to our school and show the students what it was like to live in the 18th century.  We are now learning how to create a Bibliography on our research using an online tool called  We will then move on to another researching unit on Weather.

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Orientation in the Library

September 8th, 2011

Every year at the beginning of school I review the expectations I have for students in the Library.  Since we are a Leader in Me school, I base my expectations on the 7 Habits.

7 Habits in the Library

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