Spring Semester in the Lab

3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes are all working on completing all their eportfolio evidences.

3rd grades have finished a spreadsheet, a word processing paper, a paragraph about Internet Safety and a power point presentation.

4th grades have finished a word processing paper, a paragraph about the responsible use of hardware and software for internet safety and  a spreadsheet on the North Carolina Flag. We are currently making a class book – “T is for Tar Heel”. They will be making a power point presentation about NC Lighthouses and writing a paragraph about Databases in the coming weeks.

5th grades have finished a word processing paper and a power point on EcoSystems. They will be making a spreadsheet and writing a paragraph about Internet Safety and a paragraph about Databases in the coming weeks.

All grades K-5 will be taking a Computer Quiz at the end of the semester.

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Happy Fall Y’all!

Fall in the computer lab is a very busy time. All grades are working very hard!

Kindergarten – We are learning the letters and where they are found on the keyboard. We are also working on letter sounds in reading and counting in math and all about Fall!

First Grade – We are getting faster each week on our keyboarding skills. We have studied and written about Forest Animals and we are learning about Internet Safety. In math we are working on adding to and taking from.

Second Grade – In class we have been learning how to read passages and answer questions about the passage and working on place value in Math. We have also been learning about Internet Safety. Second grades will been learning as a class how to make a powerpoint presentation on “What We are Thankful for…”

Third Grade – It’s been very busy for all 3rd graders in the lab. They have learned how to take SRI and SRC tests. They have also started taking Moby Max Math Test and Math Practice exercises. We will be learning how to make a Spreadsheet comparing our favorite Halloween candy! Third graders will also be learning how to make their own powerpoint presentation on “I am Thankful for…”

Fourth Grade – 4th graders have been learning more about Internet Safety and have also written a paragraph about how it is important. They have also been taking SRI and SRC tests and also working in Moby Max.

Fifth Grade – We have been busy in the lab! 5th graders have also been taking SRI and SRC test and working in Moby Max. They will be writing their paragraphs about Internet Safety soon. They went on a field trip about Soil and Water Conservation (Ecosystems) and we will be making a powerpoint presentation on Ecosystems! They have also been helping Mrs. Pace decide on the cover and page borders for the yearbook!

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Grades 1 – 5

During Computer Lab classes, all grades 1-5 have been using Microsoft Word to type paragraphs and download pictures to their pages and they are learning to save their work into their Documents.

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Great Beginning of School Year 2014-2015

Welcome Back to School!

Students are coming prepared to “Learn Something New and Exciting” in the computer lab.

1st Grade is working on keyboarding with both hands. They are also reviewing the letter and number placement on the keyboard.  We are using Keyboarding Zoo on the ABCYA.com website.

2nd Grade is learning the home row keys of the keyboard.  Finger placement is a little difficult for some but I am sure they will be able to accomplish this practicing with Dance Mat Typing.

3rd-5th grade will be keyboarding with Typingweb.com.  We hope to become winners in the race of keyboarding.  Remember to practice at home as well.

Welcome to the Computer Lab!

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