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Requisition Form – Fill out this form, (completely), and submit to Joy Rathbone – Fax:456-5789.  All information must be included on form to be processed.  This includes Company Name, Address, Email Address, Phone Number, and Fax Number.  Also, be sure to include prices and a total amount.

Travel Forms: Travel forms are required to be completed both before traveling and upon returning from travel.  Before traveling, you must complete a Travel Authorization Form.  Please remember, that you must check with the Transportation Department to see if a county car is available for your travel.  If you do not, you will be reimbursed according to the lower per mile amount. Upon returning from your trip, conference, etc. you will need to complete a Travel Reimbursement Form.  The Reimbursement Form must be filled-out completely with all appropriate information.  Attach motel receipts and registration receipts as appropriate.  Send all paperwork to Joy Rathbone at the Central Office as soon as possible after returning.

Curriculum Information:

Cluster Charts:  It is essential for everyone to understand where their courses “fit” within the cluster charts.  Students are required, by Haywood County Board Policy, to have a “concentration” in one area to graduate.  One of the areas they ‘may’ concentrate within is CTE.  Within our department there are several clusters.  Your courses may be considered Foundational in some clusters and only Enhancement in others.  To make matters even more complicated, there are two distinct cluster charts for each high school.  One chart is exclusively for this year’s rising seniors.  The other chart addresses incoming freshmen and rising sophomores and juniors.  Each chart is labeled by school and by year applicable.

Again, this information is very important everyone to understand – so that you may advise students correctly when they ask questions.

PHS Cluster 2015 16

THS cluster 2015 16

Essential Standards:

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has published a document that contains all our courses, a description of those courses, recommended class size, prerequisites, etc.  You may view this document here:

2012 CTE Essential Standards

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