NC is granting free assessments in the Work Keys to qualifying career concentrator seniors and the ACT college entrance exam to all juniors. They include a Pre-ACT to all 10th graders  in the fall as well. These are required at all high schools to the pertinent group. The ACT will be conducted state wide.

EOC tests are required of students taking Eng II, Alg I, Biology and will be taking place at the end of each semester. NC is moving to 21st century and more & more tests will be done on line.  EOC’s are required for credit in these courses and students will have one test administration only.

Students who do not show success in their courses after the first six weeks will have a Personal Remediation Plan(PEP). A letter to their homes will notify parents and guardians of plans and strategies to assist their child in each class to hopefully bring a student successfully through the course and ensure the passing of the course for credit. CHHS will always go the distance to assist students before and after school, extra work to practice on at home or anything that will help any student upon request. Call us to set up a conference any time. We will call parents when we see a need, too.

Vocational Tests (VOCATS) are required for students taking career tech (CTE) courses. These courses at CHHS include:

Agriculture with Agricultural  Science, Natural and Environmental Resources, Horticulture and Foods, Career Management(CM) with Personal Finance(PF) or Teen Living(TL).

Business with  Principals of Business (POB), Microsoft Word & Publisher, Multi Media Design, and Entrepreneurship,with CM, PF or TL.

Family Consumer classes include Foods, Parenting, Teen Living, PF and CM.

An exam schedule and letter to parents will go home with your child prior to these state tests, be sure to ask for these when the semester is coming to a close.

Finals, required in every class and/or EOC- VOCAT exams are 25% of a student’s total semester grade. This means each six weeks report card is 25% of the grade and all 4, including the exam, are averaged  for the final grade in the class.

If a student does not make a level 3 or 4 on an EOC  they are in danger of losing credit. The exam will be averaged with the semester performance for a final grade and/or credit.

All of this will take place before a semester ends. Of course if a student does not meet the high school attendance requirements set by school board policy, credit will not be awarded for that reason, no matter what the course grade earned. Students missing more than 9 absences must have notes of extenuating circumstances and/or illness and serve Saturday School for absences 7, 8 and/or 9 or will lose credit.

CHHS staff will be in touch many times if attendance or grades become a serious concern. It is imperative we have correct address and phone numbers in order to communicate and avoid unnecessary loss of credits. We invite all parents and guardians to stay in touch with us.

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Saturday School

Attendance is so important!!!  In high school days missed are regulated due to a student’s need to have enough seat time in their courses to meet state requirements for high school credits. CHHS has the lowest needed credits with 22, but it saddens us when credit is not given to a student who has a passing grade, but does not have time in class met. Please be sure your child is in school every day possible. Write or send a doctor, parent, dentist, court note. These documents CAN help in your child receiving credits. There has to be extenuating circumstances written and on file for a committee to over ride the board policy for meeting the attendance requirements.

Make up time for absences 7, 8  &/or 9 is required of every high school student according to Haywood County School Board Policy. Saturday School make up time for will be set for the final 3 – 5 Saturdays in each semester depending on weather adjustments.   Without make up time for these absences, a student cannot receive credit for the class(es) where 7, 8 or 9 absences have occurred.

Every 3 tardies = an additional absence for that class. Every class stands alone in attendance records. Checking out and coming in late in the a.m. count against student absences. Please try to schedule appointments, trips and other needs after 2:45.

Saturday School is $10, must be paid by the end of the school day the Thursday before attending and requires the student to do whatever work is assigned, no sleeping or games, and behave appropriately to earn the credit. Any infraction or tardy will not earn credit and there are no refunds for this choice by the student.

Students needing to eat while attending from 8:00am – 2 pm must bring their own food. Snacks may be eaten while working and a 20 minute lunch break will be scheduled.

Students who do not need a full 6 hours of make up time must arrive no later than 8 am, but may leave once their time has been earned.

Over 9 absences will also require a student to have an appeal form completed by each teacher showing a passing grade in the class. These appeals, their Saturday School make up time and notes on file to document why the student had to miss will be viewed and considered on an individual basis by a school committee to determine if all necessary steps were met by the student to be considered for credit. When time out of school jeopardizes the state allotted seat time required for credit, ie. over 10 absences, the school committee may have to re-assign that student to repeat the course and invest the required time at it to earn the credit.

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From the lead teacher

CHHS: “A Place of Transformation” is dedicated to assist students find a “school” home and succeed, no matter what difficulties they have had at any other school in their past. We try our best to let every new person start with a clean slate.

As lead teacher, I will help students understand their schedule, their 4 year high school plan to complete their credits; answer any question about anything, at any time. I want to assist any way I can to help our students get their diploma.

I also work for the teachers to do whatever is necessary to assist them meet the student’s needs.  We all want every student to get the best opportunities to find success and secure a high school diploma. We try to keep clear, concise communication going between all parties within our school home so we all know what to plan on day-to-day, month-to-month and all year.

As testing coordinator, I schedule and coordinate the administration of all state tests. This includes the 10th grade PLAN, 11th grade ACT and 12th grade Work Keys which began 2011-12. The ACT is a college entrance exam offered FREE, a great benefit from our state.

Tests also include EOC’s in Algebra I, English II and Biology and a state vocational exam in all career-technical courses. New Measurements of Students Learning (MSL’s) being initiated as summative evaluations of student learning.  Teachers and schools are accountable for doing our best to teach students well in 21st Century skills. We want your child to be a success and hope we can work together to ensure his/her future success.

Parents need to know that the final days of each semester will involve extremely important tests that students must pass in order to secure their NC diploma. Phone alerts and newsletters will be sent out to try to keep all students and parents up-to-date on when & where these will occur and how students fare on the tests. Please call me at 627-9944 if you want to know when your child will be testing if you have not received any of our alerts.

Please let me know if I can help in any way to ensure your young person has every possible chance for success. Call Donna Parris @ 627-9944 with concerns, questions and/or needs. I am here to help our students be successful, receive a diploma and become a contributing member of this community or any place they choose to live. I will assist the principal, teachers and other staff do what we can for every student and parent.

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