Growing Minds

Mrs.Spurrier’s class is ready for Spring! Today we discussed what all living things needed in order to survive, then started our own “chia” like project where students created a funny face made of soil and seeds so they can observe the growing process! First we learned the steps to create our plant project then student delved in helping each other and persevering to complete their project.

First students took a piece of hose and filled the bottom with grass seed then added 3 cups of potting soil. Next students tied a knot, turned their “head” right side up, and used small rubber bands to create ears, a nose, and eyes! The results looked like little faces.

When students were done they filled their cups with water and set them in the sunny window to observe what will happen to the grass seeds. We hope it will grow to look like hair. How many days do you think it will take for our seeds to grow? We had several predictions ranging from 3-100 days. We will keep you updated on how they are growing but for now, here is a picture of our project!

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We have enjoyed so many celebrations since our last post. Mrs. Noland’s class won the gold medal for minutes read during our reading Olympics and Mrs.Spurrier’s class won silver! All of our student’s work extra hard to read, read, read! Keep up the good work!

We also enjoyed walking up to Pancake Day with the Mickey shaped pancakes being our favorite! After our bellies were full we graphed the number of pancakes our class ate and wrote narratives about our trip!

Check out our new science section.

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The 2014 CES Reading Olympics Readathon is here!

Please have your child read each night and record the number of minutes read on the special reading log.  Class totals will be posted each week on the bulletin board outside the Title 1 room.

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Word of The Week

This week’s word of the week for our school is…setting! It is brought to you by Mrs. Spurrier’s class. We defined setting as “where events in a book take place.” On the 100th day of school we read the book “Emily’s 100 days of School” by Rosemary Wells and the setting in the book was Emily’s classroom. You can use this word at home by asking your student what the setting of their fictional book is after they finish reading.

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Groundhog Day

We celebrated Groundhog Day in class through poetry and making predictions! Most students decided that we are in for six more weeks of winter just like our local ground hog Nibbles. Check out our bulletin board where we are keeping track of six weeks worth of weather data!

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Hello world!

We are so excited you stopped by! This week we are preparing for Groundhog Day. Will we have more snow days? Both classes are registered to participate in Project Groundhog. We will be collecting data to share with classes around North America. Take a look when you get a chance

Will he see his shadow?

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