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Beginning Novels; Data, Data, Data!; Early Native Americans

Water Safety Day was a huge hit last Friday!  We had a good time, despite the rain, and learned a lot about being safe in and around water.  Ask your child what s/he learned and thank Mrs. Blankenship and the Canton Fire Dept for setting up the day and teaching us so much!

This week we’re going to begin a study on the Early Native Americans; who they were and how they got to what is now America.  We’ll also be splitting into small reading groups and beginning novels.  By Wednesday, every child will be reading a novel on his/her reading level.  This novel will most likely be coming home each night as nightly reading so be sure to help your child get it back to school the next day!  In Math we’re still working on DATA!  Last week we talked about the many different types of graphs we use in 5th grade….stem and leaf, bar, line, line plot, pictograph. This week we’ll be collecting LOTS of data and deciding what type of graphs we can use. 

5thgrade OPEN HOUSE is this Tuesday night at 6:30pm.  We’ll be meeting in the auditorium to begin with and then heading down to the 5th grade hall.  Parents will have an opportunity to hear from each 5th grade teacher as we each discuss important aspects of 5th grade at Bethel and how you can help out.  PLEASE COME! Your child will get a daily grade of 100 in S.S. if you attend!  Refreshments will be provided by PTO. 

PRIZE BOX and BOXTOPS:  We do have a PRIZE BOX in our classroom that students get to visit occasionally for various reasons.  You can help out by sending in items for the PRIZE BOX.  Candy, small items like notebooks, pencils, erasers, bouncy balls, etc. are perfect for the PRIZE BOX. We appreciate any and ALL donations!  BOXTOPS for EDUCATION are great things at Bethel!  We collect them and each one earned goes directly to help the classroom your child is in. Last year my students earned over $200 in BOXTOPS and we were able to buy several items for our classroom, including a subwoofer for the Smart Board which enables us to be able to hear movies on the Smart Board.  Send in those BOXTOPS please!

Thanks for all you do to make your child successful at school!  Have a great week!  🙂 Mrs. Ashe

Reading is Thinking, Data & Graphs, Landforms

What a busy week we have ahead of us!  In reading, we’ll be talking about what it really means to read, how to pick out a “just right” book and when it’s time to abandon a book.  Can’t wait to open up the classroom library and let you pick out something to dive into! 

In math, we’re diving into DATA!  What is it? How do we get? And what do we do with it? 

Landforms are awaiting us in Science!  What do you already know about them?  What are you DYING to learn about them?  We’re going to begin talking about maps and how and why we use them. If you have a map at home you can bring in to share, please do!

Don’t forget Friday is Water Safety Day at the Canton Rec. Pool.  Bring your bathing suit, extra clothes and your lunch (or money for a lunch from the cafe!)

Here’s to a GREAT first week! 🙂