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SO sorry that it’s Tuesday and I’m just getting to this this week!  So far this week we’ve talked about Pacific Northwest Indians and tomorrow we’ll begin talking about Southwest Indians.  We’ve read to Indian stories, ask your child to tell you about them!  We began an activity today graphing some Pacific Northwest Indian data.  This activity includes 4 different types of graphs and all the graphs are due Thursday. 

We’re studying the poem, I Had a Great Day.  Most of our spelling words came from the poem, although I did add some math words this week.  We’ve copied the poem, written our words 2 times in cursive and today we did a Cause & Effect paper about the poem and a poetry response.

In math we’ve been concluding our unit on graphing and tomorrow we’ll begin talking about place value.  This is a review although we will be adding some places to our place value chart.  On Thursday we’re going to talk a little about written, expanded and standard form in math.  These are all different ways to write a number. 

As always if you have any questions, please let me know! 

**We are having a quiz on the continents on Friday!  Your child has a map to study!

Have a good week! Happy Fall! 🙂

Graphing, New Kid on the Block, Pacific Northwest Indians

This week we’re wrapping up our study of graphing.  Of course we’ll be collecting data all year long in every subject, so we’ll be continuing with graphing throughout the year.  We will be testing Friday on what we’ve talked about with graphing over the past few weeks.  We’re beginning a review tomorrow (Tuesday) and we’ll work on it through Thursday.  I will send home a study guide on Thursday.  A completed study guide will earn your student an extra 5 points on the test.

This week we’re studying the poem “There’s a New Kid on the Block”.  There are 20 words from the poem we’ve selected to study.  We will have a cloze test this Friday on the 20 words.  Spelling homework for this week is:  Monday–copy the poem, Tuesday–write each word 2 times each in cursive, Wednesday–study words, Thursday–write a story with the spelling words and illustrate it.  This work is due on Friday before the test.

In reading we’re continuing with our groups and our novels.  This week we’re studying the different characters in our novels.  We’ll be talking about how the characters differ and why they are each important to the story.

S.S. has us continuing our study on Native Americans as we begin to focus more on individual groups.  We’re going to start with the Native Americans from the Pacific Northwest.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!  Let’s have a great week! 🙂

Private Investigators and Researchers

Just this morning we became Private Investigators in math as we took our fingerprints and compared our findings.  Ask your child to show you how to take your fingerprint and determine whether you are a whorl (circle), loop, or arch!

We’re continuing with our study of Native Americans and started some research about the Native Americans from different parts of the United States.  We’ll be working on this all week in the library computer lab.

In reading we’re continuing with our novels this week.  Please let me know if your child is having trouble reading his/her novel.  It is IMPERATIVE that your child reads and is ready for group when we meet.  I will post a schedule of reading group meetings for this week. If they have not read, I will not let them come to group and they will miss out on valuable discussion.

Hope you had a great long weekend!  🙂