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Fall Break Here We Come!!!

Fall Break starts this Friday!  Who’s excited?!?!? 

This week we’ll be continuing our study of LANDFORMS in Science.  Every one needs to bring a PLAIN, CHEAP bar of soap by this Wednesday.  We’ll be using them to make our own landform.  I know everyone won’t be able to bring in a bar of soap, so if you can bring in 2, that would be great!  (I will have a few on hand for those of you who forget.)  Also with landforsm, we’ll be beginning our Landform Book Project this week.  Look for details to come home or you can find them on here too.  Look for the Landform Project link.  This project will be a test grade in Social Studies and will be due next Fri., Oct. 30th.  We’ll be using the computer for this so all work will be done at school.

In math we’re going to be working more with decimals this week.  We know how to order them and compare them. This week we’ll be adding them, subtracting them and multiplying them.  It may have been awhile since you looked over those MULTIPLICATION FACTS, but you need to know them so be sure to review at home. 

In Reading this week we’re using our reading books and some nonfiction books to learn about landforms too.  We’ll be talking again about CONNECTIONS this week.  Make sure you have a summary & a connection each night on your reading log. I went ahead and put 4 spots on this week’s Reading Log and it will not be due until next Tuesday, Oct. 27th.  That means one night over break you’ll need to read. 

I have a workshop on Thursday so I won’t be at school.  Next week we’ll be having our Native American Pow Wow on Wednesday, more details to come about this.  I hope you all have a WONDERFUL long weekend with your families.  Be safe & have fun!

DON’T FORGET!!!  All Basket Raffle items are due by next Tuesday, Oct. 27th.  The 4 themed baskets are: 1. Camping Fun, 2. Family Fun, 3. Piggin’ Out, 4. Pamper Me.  Thanks for all your help!

Have a good week! 🙂

Eli & Luci Halloween 08

Eli & Luci Halloween 08


This Friday, October 16th the PISGAH BEARS will be playing the TUSCOLA MOUNTAINEERS in Waynesville.  In celebration of the event we will be having SPIRIT DAY on Friday!  Wear your team’s colors and show some SPIRIT!!! 

Just remember…you’re in BEAR COUNTRY

Cracked Screen…

Most of you probably heard that I cracked the screen on my laptop and have been without it for a couple of weeks now.  Sorry that I haven’t updated my blog, but I use my laptop to do that at home and my poor desktop at home is ridiculously S..L..O..W!  Hopefully I’ll have my laptop back today! (Say a little prayer!) 

This week in class we’ll be talking about Native Americans from the Eastern United States, including the Cherokee who are right outside our door!  Next week we’ll be finishing up our study of Native Americans with the Inuits and then on the 29th we’ll be having our Native American POW WOW with the whole 5th grade.  It ought to be a fun day! I may be calling on parents to come in and help out or send items in to us.  (This celebration will take the place of our Halloween party.)

In math we’re continuing on with place value.  Look for a workbook page to come home tonight, not the usual KSS (it will come home Wed.) 

Science this week will be focused on landforms and maps.  We’ll be discussing landforms we know already and some we may not.  This week’s spelling words come directly from our Science unit. 

Hope you have a wonderful week!  🙂

**Don’t forget our Washington, DC Parent Meeting is tomorrow night at 6:00pm in the library!!  Please come and get all the details you’ll need! 😉