Cracked Screen…

Most of you probably heard that I cracked the screen on my laptop and have been without it for a couple of weeks now.  Sorry that I haven’t updated my blog, but I use my laptop to do that at home and my poor desktop at home is ridiculously S..L..O..W!  Hopefully I’ll have my laptop back today! (Say a little prayer!) 

This week in class we’ll be talking about Native Americans from the Eastern United States, including the Cherokee who are right outside our door!  Next week we’ll be finishing up our study of Native Americans with the Inuits and then on the 29th we’ll be having our Native American POW WOW with the whole 5th grade.  It ought to be a fun day! I may be calling on parents to come in and help out or send items in to us.  (This celebration will take the place of our Halloween party.)

In math we’re continuing on with place value.  Look for a workbook page to come home tonight, not the usual KSS (it will come home Wed.) 

Science this week will be focused on landforms and maps.  We’ll be discussing landforms we know already and some we may not.  This week’s spelling words come directly from our Science unit. 

Hope you have a wonderful week!  🙂

**Don’t forget our Washington, DC Parent Meeting is tomorrow night at 6:00pm in the library!!  Please come and get all the details you’ll need! 😉

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