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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all have a restful & happy Thanksgiving!  Take time with your families and bask in the beauty of all your blessings this year.  Enjoy the long weekend! 

Basket Raffle:  Thanks for ALL your help with our raffle.  We sold close to 10,000 tickets and raised $10,000!  Many students were able to earn the cost of their ENTIRE trip!  Don’t forget the first deposit for the trip was due last week if you’re going. It is $350 per person.  The next payment will be due in January.  

This week in:

Math: Last week we worked with geoboards & centimeter dot paper to look at fractions.  It’s a new way for all of us so bear with us as we learn!  We’ll be doing more fraction work this week.

Reading:  I did send home a reading log this week just like normal.  This log is due on Mon, Nov. 30th.  There are 4 blocks to be completed any time between tonight and next Sunday night.  

Science:  Last week we started designing our own ecosystem by starting with producers.  We’re moving on to consumers this week!

Supplies: We are running low on paper in our classroom!  If you could donate some, we’d appreciate it.  Thanks!

 P.S. We’re working on the daily homework posts!  Sorry!! 

Have a wonderful week! 🙂

Class Mascot



Our bear friend from Grandfather Mountain.Black Bear from Grandfather Mountain

Homework 11/12

  • Read 30 minutes, Reading Log–Reading Log is due tomorrow!  4 blocks should be filled in.
  • Finish Lewis & Clark Journal (if not finished in class)
  • KSS is due tomorrow
  • Write spelling words in ABC order. Study words test is tomorrow!
  • Bring a Hershey Bar for math lesson tomorrow!

Don’t forget: 

  • Pictures and/or money is due by Mon., Nov. 23rd,
  • Baby Pictures are due ASAP!
  • Sell those Raffle Tickets! ALL tickets are due MONDAY, Nov. 16th!! 

Veteran’s Day

This week we’re out school on Wednesday for Veteran’s Day!  Thursday and Friday are regular days!  All raffle tickets are due next Monday the 16th.  First deposits for our DC trip are due next Friday the 20th.  Book orders are due by this Thursday.  We will have a spelling test this Friday. 

Be on the lookout for a nightly homework post by my students.  Be patient as we get into the habit of daily blogging!  🙂 

Have a great week!