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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all have a restful & happy Thanksgiving!  Take time with your families and bask in the beauty of all your blessings this year.  Enjoy the long weekend! 

Basket Raffle:  Thanks for ALL your help with our raffle.  We sold close to 10,000 tickets and raised $10,000!  Many students were able to earn the cost of their ENTIRE trip!  Don’t forget the first deposit for the trip was due last week if you’re going. It is $350 per person.  The next payment will be due in January.  

This week in:

Math: Last week we worked with geoboards & centimeter dot paper to look at fractions.  It’s a new way for all of us so bear with us as we learn!  We’ll be doing more fraction work this week.

Reading:  I did send home a reading log this week just like normal.  This log is due on Mon, Nov. 30th.  There are 4 blocks to be completed any time between tonight and next Sunday night.  

Science:  Last week we started designing our own ecosystem by starting with producers.  We’re moving on to consumers this week!

Supplies: We are running low on paper in our classroom!  If you could donate some, we’d appreciate it.  Thanks!

 P.S. We’re working on the daily homework posts!  Sorry!! 

Have a wonderful week! 🙂