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Homework 1/27

  • Read 30 min,  R Log
  • KSS, due Friday
  • Book Order due Wed., Feb 3rd
  • Parent Tech Survey
  • Bring in toilet paper/paper towel roll things

Spelling 1/25 (for you Meghan)

Here are this week’s spelling words (you’re welcome Meghan!)

1. Confuse  2.understand

3. heart         4. either

5. sure           6. fact

7. thousand              8. practice

9. quit             10. else

11. through               12. strong

13. behind                14. American

15. common

Worst Blogger EVER!

I admit it.  I have a problem.  I CANNOT remember to blog about homework everyday!  I can’t even remember to blog at all anymore!!  I’M SORRY!!!  Please forgive me!  I’ll try and do better!

Tonight’s homework is:

  • Read 30 minutes, R. Log
  • Answer questions on pg. 152 (1-6) in orange reading book on the Michelle Kwan story we read today (should have been done in class)
  • KSS-due Friday
  • ABC Order (if you want to it’ll be hw again tomorrow)
  • Yearbook $ is due ASAP
  • Book Order is due Friday
  • D.C. Trip deposit #2 of $100 is due Friday

Have a happy Wednesday! 🙂