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HW 2/23

Read 30 min, R Log

Math–What is a Polygon (Definition in math notebook), Quad Review Sheet

Spelling–define each sport

2/22 HW

  • Reading–Read 30 min, R. Log (Granpa’s Mtn & Old Yeller book clubs will be meeting Thurs.)
  • Math–Quadrilaterals page
  • Spelling–2 x each in cursive
  • Ashe Observer signed
  • Bring tropy for Bethel Champions
  • D.C. $ & Rooming Sheet

2/17 HW

Read 30 minutes, R Log

KSS (due Friday)

Spelling Sentences (Test Friday!)

Rooming Sheet for D.C. due ASAP

D.C. Deposits due FRIDAY!!!

Don’t forget: we do have school on SATURDAY!!!

HW 2/16

Read 30 minutes, R Log

Angle Sheet

2 x each in cursive

Ashe Observer (if you left it at school, click on the link to the left)

Rooming Sheet for D.C. (if you bring it back tomorrow you get to go to the PRIZE BOX!!!)


We will be having school on Saturday, February 20th from 8 till 1.

Tomorrow is PJ Day & 2 Hour Delay (2/12)

We will have PJ Day tomorrow & our Valentine Party!  It is also SPIRIT DAY (I think).  Don’t forget to bring your Valentine’s & your bag of candy for treat bags.

We will be having a Spelling Test tomorrow!  (Meghan, the spelling words are on the Ashe Observer!)

Reading Logs are also due! 🙂  I’ll be meeting with Grandpa’s Mountain & Spellbound & Mrs. Klunk will be meeting with Old Yeller.  (We missed 2 days this week so we can’t party ALL day!) 

See you tomorrow!

HW 2/4

Read 30 min, R.Log (R.Log is due Monday)

Math–Angle Worksheet (NO PROTRACTORS!!! ESTIMATE!!!), KSS due tomorrow

Super Bowl Centers will be tomorrow (even if we’re on a 2 hour delay!) If we’re out tomorrow, they will be the next day we come. 

GRANDPA’S MOUNTAIN READING GROUP–Read to pg.86 & have 5 stickies by next Friday, Feb. 12th.

OLD YELLER READING GROUP–Finish the book by next Friday!

D.C. FINAL Deposit due on or before Friday, Feb. 19th–$150 per person

HW 2/3

Reading–Read 30 min, RLog

Math–KSS–due Friday

Spelling–Test tomorrow (sorry, ran out of time today!)

Book Order—last day tomorrow!

Super Bowl Center Stuff (if I send a note home)–due Friday

PRIZE BOX is terribly low!  Please send in stuff if you can! THANKS!

HW 2/2

Math—Review Sheet wkbk pg.59 & 60 (it’s front & back)

Spelling–Study words, Test TOMORROW! (2/3)

Reading—Read 30 min, R.Log

Book Order is due tomorrow!!

Ashe Observer signed

TP Rolls (by Friday)

2 Hour Delay…Seriously?

Can’t believe we’re here today cause it sure was icy!!!  At least it’s one more day we won’t be here in June!  🙂 

Just a note about Spelling words for this week….they’ll just be the same as last week’s and we’ll test TOMORROW (Wednesday, Feb. 3rd)!  THANKS!

Ashe Observer Feb. 2nd (Look Out! I’m figuring out this bloggin’ thing!)


Hope you enjoyed your LONG weekend!  I sure did! Our house is almost ready to sell….anyone interested???? 

Here’s a link to this week’s Ashe Observer.  (I know, I’m blowing your mind with my amazing tech skills….just hold onto your hats is all I have to say! 🙂 )  Click on the link above & it’ll take you to another identical link, click it & it SHOULD take you to the Ashe Observer.  Let me know if it doesn’t! 

Have a great week! 🙂 Happy Groundhog Day!