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DC Week

Due to our DC trip this week I’m not sure how often the blog will be updated.  I did just update the Ashe Observer for the week and I’ll try to add pics this week of our trip. 

Thanks for understanding!  Have a great week! 🙂

HW 3/24

Read 30 min, R Log

Math–FINISH Pattern Worksheet from Tuesday (SHOW ALL WORK!!!)

BMS Pslip (Trip is tomorrow so if I don’t have this, you don’t go.)

HW 3/23

DON”T FORGET THAT the DC PARENT MEETING is tonight in the LIBRARY at 6pm!!  Bring your PACKET with you!

Read 30, RLog

Math–Pattern Worksheet

NO spelling tonight!!

Don’t forget to return middle school pslip by Thursday!

3/22 HW

Read 30 minutes, R Log

Math–Patterns Page (Show What You Know pg. 325)

Spelling–Write the definition of each spelling word (same words as last week)

Ashe Observer signed, Home Folder signed (keep graded work at home)

Washington DC meeting is TOMORROW at 6pm in the library! 

PSlip for middle school tour is due TOMORROW!

Happy Monday 🙂

3/17 HW

Read 30 min, R Log


Spelling–Sentences due on FRIDAY

Last call for BOOK ORDER–I must have it by tomorrow!  🙂

Don’t Forget  DC Parent Meeting on Tuesday, March 23rd @ 6pm in the library.

3/16 HW

Read 30 min, R Log

Math–none, Study Vocabulary in Math Notebook for Math Calculator Active Practice Test tomorrow


Book Order due tomorrow!

3/15 HW

Read 30 min, R Log

Math–NONE (still working on Geometry test)

Spelling–2 x each in CURSIVE

Ashe Observer Signed

Book Order due Wed., March 17th

Music Program Tonight be here at 6:15!!!

3/10 HW

Read 30 min, R Log

Math–Geometry Study Guide (due on Friday)

Book Order due on Wed., March 17th

HW 3/5

Reading–RLog due tomorrow, Avalanche Worksheet

Arctic Tale–Summarize the movie & tell 5 things we can do to save the ice.

Math-Wkbk pg 81

Spelling-Test tomorrow

HW 3/4

Reading–Read 30 min, RLog is due SATURDAY!, Polar Bear Facts page due tomorrow

Book Clubs will be meeting on SATURDAY!

Math–KSS due tomorrow, wkbk pg 76 due tomorrow

Spelling–Study–Test on Saturday

Music Program on Monday, March 15th @ 6:30 pm.

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