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HW 4/8

Read 30 minutes, RLog due on Friday!

Math–Play 1 game of Battleship with someone, bring papers back in tomorrow and tell me who won!

Spelling–Study definitions, Test tomorrow!

Science–Study FORCES folder, test TOMORROW!

HW 4/7

Read 30 minutes, RLog

Math–Finish morning work sheet

Spelling–Study Definitions

Tomorrow is PICTURE DAY!!!

Please return your Washington, DC surveys! 🙂

HW 4/6

Read 30 min, RLog

Math–Finish 2 worksheets from class (Baseball & pg. 121)

Spelling–Study Definitions

Tdap paper is due tomorrow!  MUST have it by tomorrow or you can’t get your shot!

Class pictures will be this Thursday.

Next week is SPRING BREAK! 🙂