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11/30 HW

Read 20 min, Rog

Spelling:  Green–3B, 5xeach; Red/Blue: 1B, 5xeach; Yellow & Purple: Sentences

Math: Green, Red, Blue: Wkbk pg 85. ; Yellow & Purple: none

***Please send in cans or non-perishable food items for White Christmas!


Read 20 min, R Log

Math– yellow & purple groups: math sheet

red, blue & green groups:  wkbk pg 25

Spelling:  Green group:  2E & 5xeach, Yellow/Purple Groups: 3x each, Red/Blue Groups: 5x each

1st DC payment is due tomorrow!!!


We are having a BLAST learning from the STARBASE team this week!!!  Pics will be up soon! 

The only HOMEWORK this week is READING LOG and it is due on FRIDAY!!  🙂