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HW 8/31

Reading–Read 20 min, R Log


Spelling–Free Choice

Bookr Order due Sept 7th

HW 8/30

Reading–Read 20 min, R Log

Math– Circle Graph Sheet

Spelling–Write 1 sentence with each word. 10 words per sentence

Other–PTO Membership paper & Book Order (due Sept. 7th)

HW 8/29

Reading–Read 20 min, R Log

Spelling–write pre & re words in agenda and on paper in ABC order

Math–finish circle graph & do bar graph

Ashe Observer

Earthquake Week

This week we’ll be studying earthquakes across the board.  We’ll be reading about them and talking about how they happen in Science.  We’ll be experimenting and learning more about Plate Tectonics. 

Here are some cool earthquake sites you can visit:

Welcome to 5th Grade

I’m so glad you’re here!  Bear with me as I try my best to keep our classroom blog updated for the 2011-2012 school year. 

Things you can find on this site–nightly homework, weekly spelling words, our classroom policies & procedures, fun & exciting things we’ll be studying & general information to keep you involved with our classroom. 

I will try to attach the weekly Ashe Observer although we had some issues with it last year. 

Thanks in advance for you patience!  Here’s to a great year!