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hw 2-21-13

read,30 min    rlog   the golden touch

vocab packet  due  friday

math   packet  due friday

book order due 28th

hw 2-19-13

read  rlog   the golden touch

vocab packet

math packet

book order due   2-28

hw 2-18-13

read , rlog ,vocab story

math packet

vocab packet

book order due 2-28

ashe observer

green group read  17 pages  in  adaline   falling stars and do stikeis

Home work

Read 30 min rlog or a  math packet &vocab due friday  a valentine story due Fri. book order due Feb. 28. group asiment  jump rop for heart permisson slip


Read 30 min.Rlog  or A valentine story

math packet  due  f riday  vocab packet due  friday

jump rope  for heart 

reading     group

Homework 2/11/13

Read for 30 minutes, do your reading log or A Valentine story.
Math packet and Vocab packet are both due on Friday.
Ashe observer, bring back tomorrow signed.
Jump Rope for heart permission slip ASAP


read 30 min rlog   math packet   vocab packet


read 30 min math packet vocab packet due friday

2/4 hw

read 30min rlog columbs and arawak    math packet vocab packet  ashe obsover purple yellow red assigmmet