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Holy cow what a day! 3/20/13

So much to take in today and we didn’t even get to do everything we planned! A bus had a very minor problem that set us back a few minutes, which caused us to miss Arlington, but we will be going bright and early!

We ate at the Marina Cafe, which was great food! Little cold outside (the food warm though!) for our tastes, but we were just thankful to get off of that bus.

Afterwards we visited the Jefferson memorial, the FDR memorial, and the MLK memorial. All were beautiful, and represented their historical figure well. Here are some links to those sites as well as some pictures I took.





Inside of Jefferson memorial

MLK Memorial

FDR Memorial

The outside of the Jefferson memorial

We made it!

Safe and sound. There was a bit of trouble with the buses, making us late and have to move the schedule around a bit. So we’re coming up the driveway for Iwo Jima. Pictures soon!

I hope you’re ready…

Washington here we come!!