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Vietnam, Lincoln, Korean, & Iwo Jima 3/21/13

So much information to take in from the day. First off, it was COLD! Probably not as bad as home, but still…expect to hear about that later!

Each of the memorials were spectacular. Vietnam reminded us of the shear volume of soldiers who never made it home. Lincoln reminded us that we are one nation, a unit. Korean reminded us that even small wars leave great impressions. Finally, Iwo Jima reminded us of hope.

Our tours were guided tonight, and they were amazing. We learned so much!

Kind of hard to see, but dusk was turning to evening as we walked along the wall of the Vietnam Memorial.

Everyone's favorite: the Lincoln Memorial. This is where MLK Jr gave his famous speech. "I have a dream..."

The view from Lincoln memorial.

Lincoln himself. Behind him is a quote reminding us what he did for our country: kept it as one.

Iwo Jima memorial reminds us of hope because it was the raising of the flag depicted here that inspired our troops when hope wasn't readily available. It has said to be one of the most famous pictures.

Lack of flash on my iPad, means lack of pictures I the Korean memorial. However, I encourage you to look through them online until we return with more.

Smithsonian Museums 3/21/13

So many museums, so little time! I was able to make it to American History and Natural History. I loved them both! The American History museum had everything from First Ladies dresses to the flag that inspired the star spangled banner. The natural history museum was filled with interesting fossils and even the hope diamond! We ate at Air and Space, and had time to explore.

Websites for each of these:

Air and Space:



Hope you all are having fun in the snow!!

My personal favorite museum: the Natural History Museum! This is the elephant at the entrance.

We all know Barnum's T Rex 🙂

The cast of Lincoln's face after his assassination in the American History Museum

The Inaugural ball dress worn by our current First Lady, Michelle Obama. All of the dresses of the First Lady since Grover Cleveland's wife have been donated to the American History Museum and are on display.

The Capitol 3/21/13

We’re off to the Capitol. We have spent a small amount of time in the Air and Space museum, but were going to do more Smithsonian after the Capitol. The Capitol is where the house and senate make our laws. Ask your students the difference in these two, they should know 🙂
Also, I learned that if a flag is flying on either side of the building that means that either the senate or house is in session. At night this can be seen by the light under Freedom. Can you tell if they are in session in my picture?

The Capitol building from behind.

The Rotunda inside of the dome of the Capitol. The painting depicts the "Glorification of George Washington"

A painting in the Rotunda of the Capitol. Can you guess what it's showing?

More Arlington 3/21/13

So what did you think? Wasn’t Arlington amazing? We can tell you how many soldiers died in war, but until you see the vast stretch of land covered in white headstones does it hit you.

The place is beautiful. I heard one student say “Wow, it must be such an honor to get to be buried here.”

The white tombstones at Arlington.

JFK tomb and eternal flame

Arlington 3/21/13

We are on our way to Arlington National Cemetery. We’re going to be seeing the changing of the guards at 9:00 along with the tomb of the unknowns.

There we will see 4 tombs representing the unknown soldiers from 4 wars, but only 3 are buried there. The soldier’s identity from Vietnam was discovered thank to DNA testing, but the empty tomb stands as a reminder of those not so lucky.
Afterward we will get to see JFK’s eternal flame. John F. Kennedy once stood on a hill overlooking the Washington monument and said he could stay up there forever. Weeks later, Kennedy was assasintated and was laid to rest in the very spot where he stood weeks earlier.

I’ll be posting some pictures of Arlington on our way to the Smithsonian later this morning, so keep an eye out!

Here is a link to Arlington’s website: