Arlington 3/21/13

We are on our way to Arlington National Cemetery. We’re going to be seeing the changing of the guards at 9:00 along with the tomb of the unknowns.

There we will see 4 tombs representing the unknown soldiers from 4 wars, but only 3 are buried there. The soldier’s identity from Vietnam was discovered thank to DNA testing, but the empty tomb stands as a reminder of those not so lucky.
Afterward we will get to see JFK’s eternal flame. John F. Kennedy once stood on a hill overlooking the Washington monument and said he could stay up there forever. Weeks later, Kennedy was assasintated and was laid to rest in the very spot where he stood weeks earlier.

I’ll be posting some pictures of Arlington on our way to the Smithsonian later this morning, so keep an eye out!

Here is a link to Arlington’s website:

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