Smithsonian Museums 3/21/13

So many museums, so little time! I was able to make it to American History and Natural History. I loved them both! The American History museum had everything from First Ladies dresses to the flag that inspired the star spangled banner. The natural history museum was filled with interesting fossils and even the hope diamond! We ate at Air and Space, and had time to explore.

Websites for each of these:

Air and Space:



Hope you all are having fun in the snow!!

My personal favorite museum: the Natural History Museum! This is the elephant at the entrance.

We all know Barnum's T Rex 🙂

The cast of Lincoln's face after his assassination in the American History Museum

The Inaugural ball dress worn by our current First Lady, Michelle Obama. All of the dresses of the First Lady since Grover Cleveland's wife have been donated to the American History Museum and are on display.

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