Vietnam, Lincoln, Korean, & Iwo Jima 3/21/13

So much information to take in from the day. First off, it was COLD! Probably not as bad as home, but still…expect to hear about that later!

Each of the memorials were spectacular. Vietnam reminded us of the shear volume of soldiers who never made it home. Lincoln reminded us that we are one nation, a unit. Korean reminded us that even small wars leave great impressions. Finally, Iwo Jima reminded us of hope.

Our tours were guided tonight, and they were amazing. We learned so much!

Kind of hard to see, but dusk was turning to evening as we walked along the wall of the Vietnam Memorial.

Everyone's favorite: the Lincoln Memorial. This is where MLK Jr gave his famous speech. "I have a dream..."

The view from Lincoln memorial.

Lincoln himself. Behind him is a quote reminding us what he did for our country: kept it as one.

Iwo Jima memorial reminds us of hope because it was the raising of the flag depicted here that inspired our troops when hope wasn't readily available. It has said to be one of the most famous pictures.

Lack of flash on my iPad, means lack of pictures I the Korean memorial. However, I encourage you to look through them online until we return with more.

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