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HW: April 30,2013

Reading: Read 30 min, R log, Senor Coyote The Judge.
Math: Math Packet.
Yard sale for Relay for Life May 4th
Picture $Money$ due Monday May 6th.
Pictures May 7th

HW:April 29,2013

Reading:Read 30 min, R log, Senor coyote the judge.
Math: Math packet.
Ashe Observer
Mc teacher night
Spring Picture day Tuesday May 7,2013 money due the sixth


reading log or story read 30 min, art show, dare graduation, math, book fair.


Read 30 min R log or story
Washington Survey
Math Packet


Read30min and r log or story
Math Packet
Washington Survey


Read30min and r log or History of toy
Ashe Observer Washington Survey
Math Packet


read 3o min, r log story, middle school packets, math packets, red groups

4-9-13 HW

read 30 min and R log or under the little big top
middle school parent meeting at 6 pm-BMS
math packet Due Fri
middle school packet Due Thurs

4-8-13 HW

read 30 min and R log or under the big top
Ashe Observer
math packet-due Fri
Middle school packet DUE Thurs
Middle school Parent meeting