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11/25 Home work

read 30 mins , rlog write 5 mins , book order due tomarrow , ashe observer

11/22 Home Work

parent letter , book order due 11/26


Read 30 minutes, Write 5 minutes, Math packet due tom., Book order due 11/26, 1st DC deposit due tomorrow $175

Home Work 11/20

read 30 mins,write 5 mins,rlog,thanksgiving dinner tommarow,book order due 11/26,math packet,grammer packet

Home Work 11/19

Read 30 mins,Rlog,mathpacket,grammer packet,book order,home folders.

Home Work 11/18

Read 30 mins,write 5,r log, mins,math/grammer packet,study percents,asheobzever,parent letter if you forgot it here,book order due 11/26


read 30 min. rlog,write 5 min. on 1 prompt, grammer packet, math packet, picture money duenovember 15, water safty , Ashe observer,


*parent letter


*Read 30 minutes
*Reading log
*Write 5 minutes
*Grammar pack due tomorrow(in the back of math packet)
*Math packet due tomorrow
*Picture money due the 15th
*Water safety permission slip(field trip)


read 30 min,rlog,grammer,mathpic mony due mon november15,water safety p.s slip

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