5th Grade Handbook

Mrs. Ashe’s Class Handbook


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Dear families,

A good learning experience is built on a cooperative effort between parent, student, and teacher. With your participation we can look forward to a productive and fun year together. The purpose of this handbook is to inform you of procedures and materials used in fifth grade. Fifth grade is a growing year which provides students with many new challenges. I hope this handbook will familiarize you with our expectations for the upcoming year.

Daily Schedule

Lunch 12:15-12:45

Monday  –  Music 1:45-2:30

Tuesday – PE 1:45-2:30

Wednesday – Computer Lab 1:45 – 2:30

Thursday –  P.E. 2:00-2:30

Friday – Art/Guidance 9:30-10:15, Library 1:45-2:30


I realize there is a lot going on at the beginning of the school year, but I do expect all supplies to be purchased and brought to school by Monday, August 24th. If you cannot afford to provide supplies, please let me know so that I can get the supplies your child will need. If you are willing to donate extra supplies to the class, please send them in.

Supplies Needed

  • 2-inch 3 ring binder
  • 2 packs wide ruled paper
  • Pencils #2 (no mechanical)
  • Blue or black ink pens
  • 2- pocket folders
  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks
  • post-its
  • flash drive

Blue Paw

All students who meet the following requirements during the nine weeks will earn a special activity.

  • Have only positive visits to the principal
  • Follow all classroom rules
  • Have less than 3 tardies or check-outs

3 D’s

  • Disruption: do not disrupt your class or anyone else’s
  • Direction: do what you are supposed to be doing and where you are supposed to be
  • Disrespectful: be respectful of people and property
  • Complete all assigned class work and homework on time (NO zeros)
  • Always be on time to school and stay the whole day (NO unexcused tardies or check outs)

Behavior and Expectations

Students are expected to show appropriate behavior in our classroom, other areas of the building, on the playground, on the bus, and all field trips. Our class discipline policy is as follows:


  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be Responsible

Consequences:   In our classroom students will move their class number up the board each time they break a rule.  When a student misbehaves, the student will move his/her number up one time.  Each student will start fresh every day with a clean slate. The consequences that go along with the notebook are as follows:

1st offense:  Move number; Warning

2nd offense:  Move number; Walk 2 laps during recess

3rd offense:  Move number; Walk 2 laps during recess, Student will write note home to parents that is to be signed and returned the following day

4th offense:  Move number; Phone Call to Parent/Guardian

**After 3 incidences in which a parent/guardian is called, students will be referred to the principal’s office.

**If a student’s number is moved more than 5 times in one week, the student will lose special privileges for that week.  (For example: Extra Friday Free Time, etc.)

**If a student’s number is moved more than 9 times in a grading period, student will not be allowed to participate in the end of grading period activity.

Homework Policy

There is no such thing as “I HAVE NO HOMEWORK”.

Your child will have homework every day Monday-Thursday, never fail. I do have a family with two children of my own and I firmly believe that family time, church, and other extra curricular activities are extremely important. Therefore your child should not have more than 60 minutes of homework a night. Please let me know if your child is struggling, or needs extra help to get his or her assignments completed.

All homework is due at 8:00 am the next school day after it is assigned, unless otherwise noted.

What to expect for homework

  • Your child is expected to read 20 minutes AT HOME Monday – Thursday and fill out their reading log. We do read a lot during the day, however, this is an at home reading assignment. Therefore they should never come home and say they did it at school. Please supervise or check on your child while they are reading to make sure they are staying on task. After they have read and completed their reading log, I do require that it is signed by a parent or guardian. We will begin reading logs the first full week of school.
  • All other homework should be assignments that they did not finish in class. If your child uses their time wisely at school, they shouldn’t have very much. It may take them a while to get adjusted in the beginning so be patient.
  • From time to time your child may be assigned a project to complete. If this occurs, I will send home a note with all of the details and due dates with plenty of time to complete it.

Homework Folder

One  folder you purchased will be used as a homework folder. All homework and notes will be placed inside their folder daily. Please have your child clean out this folder every night and only return assigned homework.

Agenda Books

Your child will be given time in class to write down all homework in their agenda book before they leave school. So it should never come home blank.

  • When it is time to do homework at night, please look over all of your child’s work and make sure they have completed everything. This includes their reading log. Once everything is checked and placed in the homework folder, please sign your child’s agenda book. This lets me know everything was together and ready to be turned in before they came to school. Please let your child be responsible for completing all homework, getting their homework folder together, making sure their reading log and agenda book are signed, and packing their backpack. They are old enough to do this by themselves and it will help them learn how to organize themselves before going to middle school next year.
  • Students must complete all assignments neatly and on their own. They should only ask for help after they have given it their best effort first.
  • On all assignments, students are expected to answer open-ended questions in COMPLETE sentences. Failure to follow this expectation may result in a lowered grade on assignment.
  • When they arrive at school, I will check their homework folder, collect all homework and make sure their agenda book is signed. If you need to send me a note, the agenda book is the best place to write it because I will see it first thing every morning. I will also write notes home to you in the agenda book.
  • If your child does not have an assignment, I will highlight the assignment so you will know it was missing.

Hopefully this system will keep us in contact with each other on a daily basis so you will always know what is going on.

Missing Work

Turning in homework on time is very important for your child to keep up in class and make good grades. They will get an X for each assignment that is late (after 8:00). I do not allow students to call home if they forget something at home. Students can work on late assignments at school during free time, lunch, or recess. If it is turned in before the end of the day, their grade will not be penalized. Anything turned in later will have 10 points deducted off the final grade for each day it is late. If they have more than 3 late assignments during the nine weeks, they will not be allowed to participate in Blue Paw Activities. Also after 3 late assignments, they will automatically have a silent lunch each time they do not have their homework. If your child constantly has a problem turning in their homework, I will contact you to schedule a conference. If the problem still is not resolved, your child will be sent to the office for disciplinary action. Also, if your child has any zeros during the nine weeks, they will not participate in Blue Paw.


Due to a late lunch, we will be having snack in the mornings.  I prefer that you bring a “healthy snack” as it will help you perform better.  Sugary snacks often give you an immediate high and then make you feel sleepy and lethargic.  Sodas will not be allowed in class, only plain or flavored water, but it must be clear.


If your child is not able to complete homework for a legitimate reason, please send me a note stating the reason why and I will work with them to complete the assignment. I appreciate the time you spend helping your child with his or her work.

Please read Bethel Elementary School Policies in the front of your child’s agenda book.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact me if any questions or concerns arise throughout the year. I cannot work on a problem if I am not aware it exists. You can reach me by e-mail at hashe@haywood.k12.nc.us. Please be aware that I usually do not check my e-mail during instructional times, therefore, I may not receive your e-mail until after school each day.

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