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Volunteer Award Nomination

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Hard at work helping others.

Congratulations to the students of the Academy for receiving the 2010-2011 nomination for Haywood County’s Group Volunteer of  the Year! We are very proud of the service our students give to the community and we wish them luck! Go HMA!!

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Hello from WFP!

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(Initial email from World Food Programme)


Good morning! My name is Elizabeth Ratchford, and I work in the Youth Outreach division of the World Food Programme in Rome, Italy. I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive your email from freerice! It is always so nice to hear about students and what they ae doing to help others, but your students seem to be particularly incredible? Please, first and foremost, forward my thanks onto each of them!

I’m not sure whether or not you’ve discovered the message on your phone, but I would love to chat with you about what you and your students are doing. We love to help students help others, and would be happy to provide resources, regular correspondence (email, Skype?), and whatever else you may need! Also, as the global headquarters for the World Food Programme, we like to le the rest of the world know what students are up to. I would love to write up a story on what your students are doing and post it to our website (www.wfp.org/students-and-teachers)

Please let me know when you receive this, and we can talk more about all the wonderful work your students are doing! Thanks for facilitating, inspiring, and making their efforts possible!



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An email HMA received from Mr. Roden, Principal of Waynesville Middle School (HMA is located on the WMS campus)

HMA staff & Kids:

While at the group alike meeting this week, it was reported to us and Dr. Garrett and Dr. Nolte that your HMA kids were the best group of students at Kids in the Creek.  This was reported by the people who taught the activity.

Great job!! to you and your kids.  Please pass this on to your kids.


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Hello world!

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Haywood Middle Academy starts a blog!

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