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Welcome to my space! The following pages were created to give you more information about my class and links to other sites we use in class. These are the link most commonly used in my classes and other seventh grade classes too.

Here is a quick view of what students can expect in class (for a more in depth look please visit Common Core Curriculum):

  • Language: grammar and punctuation
  • Writing: narrative essays, research papers, and expository essays
  • Reading: short stories, drama, novels, poetry, and non-fiction
  • In addition students are expected to read outside of class, a minimum of 30 minutes a night. Please go to Independent Reading for more information.

I am usually at school by 7:30.  Students are welcome to come for help Tuesday – Friday. I have morning duty on Mondays, therefore I am not available at that time.

Most graded activities are completed on Quia or Moodle, both of which are online.  I do this for several reasons; 1) students receive instant feedback about performance, 2) students can retake an assignment once for a better grade, 3) Quia and Moodle are available anywhere there is internet, and 4) it enables me to see how long a students spends on an assignment. Students are welcome to come before school or after school to redo an assignment if internet is not available at home.

A list of graded assignments is posted in the front of the room.  Anytime a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to check the list for any missing assignments.  I usually keep assignments posted for a week before removing it from Quia or Moodle.  Once an assignment has been removed, it is no longer available for retake or make-up.

If you have any questions feel free to call me at school or send me an email. Emails usually receive a quicker response because I check my email more often than I visit the first office, and I am not limited to day time hours.

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