Hypothesis:  Apple juice will clean a penny better than orange juice or prune juice.


3 2003 pennies                                                                                                                          

6 oz. each of orange, apple and prune juice.                                                                  

3 8 oz. glasses                                                                                                                      

Paper towels


1.  I found three pennies all made in 2003 and all were equally dirty.

2.  I poured 6 oz. of orange juice into a glass.

3.  I poured 6oz. of apple juice into a second glass.

4.  I poured 6 oz. of prune juice into a third glass.

5.  I placed one penny into each glass of juice at 4PM, September 16.

6.  At 8PM I took each of the pennies out of the glasses of juice.

7.  I dried off each penny with a paper towel.  I patted them dry rather than rubbing them, so I wouldn’t affect the experiment.

Results and Analysis

When I looked at the pennies after the experiment was finished I found that the prune juice hadn’t cleaned the penny at all.  The apple juice cleaned the penny a little.  The penny that was in the orange juice was the cleanest of the three.  I know there is acid in the orange juice, and maybe that was why it cleaned the penny best.  As I did the experiment, I wondered if dimes would react any differently to the juices than the pennies did, since dimes and pennies are made of different metals.  If I have time, someday I might test to see which juice cleans dimes the best.

Conclusion – My hypothesis was incorrect, orange juice cleans pennies better than apple or prune juice.

My experiment proved that because the penny that was in the orange juice came out cleaner than the other pennies.

Constants – 2003 pennies, 6 oz. of each juice, 8 oz. glasses, pennies in juice 4 hours.

Independent variable – Different kinds of juice.

Dependent variable – How clean the pennies were after being in the juice.

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