June 2

1.  You may go through the flashcards before you take the quiz if you would like to study.  After you have studied, take the quiz.  Raise your hand to show me your score.


2.  Go to the link below and play EOG Jeopardy review.   You may play with a partner.  You have to keep score yourself.  If the question is correct the player gets the points.  If the question is incorrect the player loses points.


May 28

1.  Go to the link below and spend at least 30 minutes reviewing the cheat sheet vocabulary words.

2.  Go through the flashcards first.


3. Then you may play other versions of the game at the bottom of the page.

4.  Do at least 2 lessons on Mobymax.  This will be a grade!

EOG Vocabulary Review



  1. Rewrite or type the poem you are going to recite at our Poetry Café
  2. Insert a    /    in the places you will pause
  3. Type the words in BOLD you will emphasize or highlight them
  4. Add a paragraph explaining the main/central idea of your poem.  Also, explain what influenced you or inspired you to write about this topic.  Finally, tell us why you chose to read this particular one out of all the poems you wrote.

3/10/14 Comparing and Contrasting Two Poems

Today you will compare and contrast the song “Roar” with the poem “See It Through”.  Use your TP-CASTT graphic organizer to assist you.  You will focus on the following literature elements as you complete this assignment:

  • Meanings of the titles
  • The speaker
  • The intended audience
  • Themes
  • Author’s tone
  • Mood or effect on the reader
  • The use of figurative language and the effect on the poem

1.  Open up Microsoft Word

2.  Use the Insert Shapes to add bubbles for your double bubble map.

3.  Use the Insert Text Box to add text inside of your bubbles.

4.  Use complete sentences and text evidence inside of your bubbles.

5.  Make sure your names are on the document.

6.  Perform an ABC check, and read over your work, because the computer does not catch all mistakes.

7.  When you are finished with your analysis you may add clip art or images from the Internet (with the URL address) as long as the pictures go with the topic of your assignment.

7.  Save your work in the directory of the person that logged in.  Save your work as Double Bubble Map.


1.  Finish word processing your draft.

2.  Read the outline on the yellow sheet to make sure you have all of the parts of the essay recipe.

3.  Click on the Review tab at the top.  Click on the ABC icon to do a spelling and grammar check.  If something you typed is underlined in green there is a grammar problem.  If something is underlined in read there is a spelling problem.  Read the suggestions the computer gives you.  Make corrections as needed.

4.  Print one copy of your draft.    You must choose the printer for this lab.

5.   Go to the following website to play a game with root words.



Click on the link below to find the graphic organizer you will use to plan your Letters About Literature essay.



Grammar Gorillas 8 Parts of Speech Review

1.  Go to the website below.


2.  Copy the parts of speech notes on the handout I’ve given you.

3.  Put it in a sheet protector, and place it in the Writing section of your notebook. 

4.  Play the Beginner part of the Grammar Gorilla Game.  Write your score on the notecard.

5.  Play the Advanced part of the Grammar Gorilla Game.  Write your score on the notecard. 

6.  Go to the Grammar Ninja website and test your ninja skills.


7.  Go to link below to play Mad Libs Junior.


EOG Study Stack Review

Click the link below to go to the Study Stack website that we used in class to review EOG vocabulary.



Go to the following websites to test your figurative language skills!

There are several games to choose from on this site.


This is a baseball review game.


This is a basketball review game.


Battleship review game