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Weekly Plans:

Language Arts – We will begin the working on the worksheets that pertain to simple sentences since we have completed the  notes on Sentence Writing Strategies.  We have almost finished working with closed syllables in the Megawords book.

Math – We have completed lessons 1-4 in chapter 2.  The students are working very hard and doing well with the basic algebra in this chapter.



If your child is absent, and you can pick up his/her work for the day(s) missed, please call the school at 456-2403 ext. 124.  Leave me a message and I will do my best to get in the office by the end of the day.  My planning period is from 9:45-11:30 am.  Remember when students are absent one day they are given 2 days to make up the work.

Progress Reports:

The 4 1/2 weeks ends on 9/22/09.  Students will be bringing their progress reports home on 9/28/09.

If students have missing work this 4 1/2 weeks, they will be allowed to make it up by 9/29/09.  I will update their grade at this point.

IEP Progress Reports:

This will be sent home at the end of the nine week period.

Language Arts and Math

At the end of this week we will begin the SRA Decoding Program in Language Arts.   It is a researched base program used to teach how to decode words, and increase fluency and comprehension.   I have given each student an individual pretest, so he/she will begin at his/her appropriate level.  If a child does not need this program, he or she will be reading literature stories and answering questions and doing projects.

In math I will include each student’s IEP goals within the 6th grade curriculum.  If you have any questions concerning math, please let me know.  Most of the assignments can be completed in class.  Students should have very little homework.