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Posted by kendra - 03/13/2017


For all topics


Industrialization  Study the railroad maps and start reading below them


Reforms:…ion101.pdf scroll down to “Reforms”


Corporations…siness.htm  – Definitions and Explanations Explain corporations, monopolies and trusts

read introductory parapgraph, then corporations and cities



Tycoons or Robberbarons?  continue on the next two pages…evolution/ .


Urbanization  read the first four paragraphs of the “Introduction”


Immigration  Read “A wave becomes a flood”

Immigration to the US read until “Rise of Nativism”


Labor Unions and Strikes  for both: find info about labor unions and about strikes  for labor unions  Labor unions also read the next page on this website  also read the next page on this website




explain some major inventions and how they contributed to the development of industrialization

Inventions and the Industrial Revolution

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