Field Trip- What You Need To Know!

Our first reading incentive field trip will be this Friday, November 18th. Last week I promised to give a few extra details for those who may wonder what the plan for eating and shopping is. First, let me say that no one is required to bring any money on the trip! Eating out, snacks at the theater, and money for shopping at Barnes & Noble are all completely OPTIONAL!! We have lots of students bringing lunches from home, and that is perfectly fine!

For everyone else, here’s what you need to know:

1. Prices for movie snacks are not discounted at all. You can buy a soft drink and popcorn and candy….but it will cost you! Every year we have students who spend all their money at the theater and have nothing left for lunch. Teachers will not be policing individual spending money, so this will be beyond our control if it occurs. However, we will have extensive conversations about it in class tomorrow, so hopefully everyone will be prepared this year!!

2. Lunch options include BT Burgers, Neo Burrito, and Brixx Pizza. All 3 restaurants can be found online by searching their names along with “Biltmore Park.” I always tell my students to be prepared for tax and (at Brixx) tip. Soft drinks are always really expensive, too. The cheapest way to do lunch is to order an entree and a water!!

3. Barnes & Noble: We will be visiting Barnes & Noble right after the movie. Students may browse, read, and visit the Starbucks if they want. Again, spending money here is completely optional.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me at This is a REALLY fun field  trip, and I know we are going to have an awesome time!! Students who didn’t reach their goals this 9 weeks will be staying back with a substitute teacher, and hopefully we will all reach our goals next time. Please make sure your student arrives to school as close to 7:30 as possible. We are leaving at 7:45. Thank you for all you do to support your readers!!


Another Wonderful Week!

Today was one of our very favorite days at WMS….our annual Veteran’s Day celebration. Each year we invite family and community members who have selflessly served in our armed forces to join us for this special event. Our school band and choral departments performed, our We the People club shared readings, and the Tuscola ROTC presented a flag to Mrs. Brown, our chorus director. It was a moving, beautiful tribute that I am grateful our 6th graders were able to participate in.

Tomorrow is a holiday to honor Veteran’s Day, so we will not have school. A few quick announcements include:

Reading field trip for students who reached their goals will be next Friday. I will write a separate post with all the details next week. Permission slips have gone home, so please review those and let me know if you have any questions. They are due back with the $12 for the trip by Tuesday. We do have some scholarships available, so please do not allow finances to hinder your child’s participation!! Students who did not reach their goals this quarter will stay at school and continue to work hard to reach THIS quarter’s goal. My fervent hope is that ALL our team 4 readers will achieve their goals as we move forward this year.

Report cards have gone home and come back, so please let us know if you have any concerns about your student’s progress or questions about what you might do at home to support them this year.

We are in full swing with our reading and vocabulary contests, and we have some BIG fundraisers coming up to help purchase the rewards and prizes for all of our hard-working students. If you would be interested in helping with any of the fundraisers (a tail gate party November 29th, and a dance February 10th) please e-mail me at We would love as much help as we can get….especially from creative folks who like to decorate gyms! 🙂

As always, thanks for all you do to support your child!!


Reading and Vocabulary!!

Hello! It is hard to believe, but we are nearing the end of our first 9 weeks of 6th grade, and we have already accomplished so much this year! We have some very exciting things happening on Team 4 that we would like to make you aware of. Moving forward for the remainder of the year, we will post weekly updates to this website to keep everyone informed. Thank you for your support!

Reading and Vocabulary Contest!

One of  the HUGE projects we have going on in 6th grade is our Reading and Vocabulary Contest in which students will set goals and strive to meet and exceed them throughout the course of the year.


Each 9 weeks, your student will be given a reading goal. Goals are given in numbers of words (i.e.., 50,000, 125,000, or 200,000 words), and your students will be asked to read books and then take quizzes in our SRC system. When students pass quizzes for books finished, they will get credit for the words in those books. Student goals will be based on personal reading levels, and I meet with each one of my students very regularly to check in on progress. Jump Start and ELA grades are impacted by progress toward reading goals. We have dedicated reading time at school, AND students should be reading like crazy at home, as well. The reason I give no other homework is that I want students to have plenty of time to READ, READ, READ!! The more words students read, the more they will grow!


We have started a brand new, very exciting vocabulary program for Team 4 students this year, and your scholars have BLOWN ME AWAY with the progress they have already made. Research shows that one of the key components for improving literacy is vocabulary acquisition. The more words students learn, the better readers they become. As such, we are having a secondary contest within the 6th grade for points on, and Team 4 students are working their way through Flocabulary lists at their own pace. Students are assigned particular lists in Flocabulary, and then they must practice and master the lists in Once they have completed a list, they may take a quiz in Flocabulary in class. I will add the quiz grade to the gradebook for them, so this is not only a great way to grow vocabulary, but is is also an awesome way to get grades up! If you have access to the Internet from home, please encourage your student to log in and practice vocabulary as much as possible!!

Here are the AMAZING rewards we are offering for our 6th grade readers this year:

                 SRC Reading                                                          Vocabulary

Top 5 in Words- -Drawing for a Grand Prize (big screen TV)-Other 4 receive cash prize Top 5 in Points- -Drawing for a Grand Prize (big screen TV)-Other 4 receive cash prize
Top 5%-All receive gift card-Entered into drawing for an ipad Top 5%-All receive gift card-Entered into drawing for an ipad
2 Million Words or More-Drawing for Jack the Dipper cards (will give away several!)-Library Lunch Bunch 5 Million Points or More-Drawing for Jack the Dipper cards (will give away several!)-Library Lunch Bunch
1 Million Words-End of the year party-T-shirt 1 Million Points-End of the year party-T-shirt
700,000 Words-Drawing for Cash Prize ($50) 700,000 Points-Drawing for Cash Prize ($50)
9 week Goals- Field Trips & Reading Celebration 9 Week Goals- Teacher Discretion



Our First Day!

Well….the first day of 6th grade is in the books, and we all made it! Yay!! We have an awesome bunch of kiddos on Team 4, and we know it will be a great year! A couple of notes:

1.) A packet of stapled papers went home with your student today. Please read, sign, and return the entire packet. We are hoping to get them all back by Friday.

2.) Agendas are for sale for $5, and we will give students an opportunity to buy them in class each morning. If you have questions about this, please let us know.

Thank you for all you do!

Welcome to 6th Grade!

Hello Team 4 students and family members! Welcome! We are officially off and running, and parents, I think you will see that your child will transition beautifully into Middle School life. Very soon they will no longer be terrified of not being able to find their classes or get their lockers open, and I suspect they will quickly become old pros!

We have a lot of really exciting things planned for this year. We are going to learn and grow and be successful….and we are also going to have a lot of fun! I look forward to seeing the progress our scholars will make and the awesome work we will publish here. Stay tuned!