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March 16, 2016

Kindergarten Registration

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Kindergarten Transition Meetings: 

Meetings will be held in April/May at your child’s future school. This will be an opportunity to meet their new special education teachers and related service providers, and for their education team to discuss strategies about how the school system can continue to support their unique learning needs. We welcome your input and will be in touch to schedule times at each school.

Required Documents: 

  • a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  • proof of residence (Drivers License ONLY); and
  • the child’s updated immunization record
  • Kindergarten-Packet-2015-2016 (print or pick up at school)

Registration Meetings: Meet the Teachers, Pick Up Registration Packet, Sign your child up for

Bethel                         April 29, 2016          11:30 AM
Clyde                           April 19, 2016            3:30 PM
Hazelwood                 April 19, 2016           4:00 PM
Junaluska                  April 26, 2016           3:30 PM
Jonathan Valley       April 14, 2016            9:00 AM
Meadowbrook          April 28, 2016            1:30 PM
North Canton           April 22, 2016            1:30 PM
Riverbend                 April 27, 2016            8:30 AM


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