Mrs. Holland’s Social Studies


In fourth grade, students will study the state of North Carolina. Students will learn about NC geography, economics, ethnic groups, cultural groups, political groups, and the colonization of NC. Throughout the year, we will read a fourth grade NC newspaper, North Carolina Social Studies Weekly. Several of the novels that we read also cover NC social studies topics. (The Wright Brothers At Kitty Hawk, Soft Rain, Harriet Tubman.)

During the last nine weeks, students will complete a social studies project about North Carolina. This project makes a nice keepsake!

North Carolina Alphabet Book Project

Make an alphabet book of places, symblos, plants, animals, resources, sports teams, climate, historical events, or famous people from North Carolina.

Plan due on ______

Completed book due on ______


Title on front – 4 points

Your name on front – 4 points

Neatness – 15 points

26 letters – 2 points each, total 52 points

Writing in cursive – 15 points

On time (______) – 10 points

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