Mrs. Holland’s Language Arts

During their fourth grade year, students will continue to learn and practice strategies to improve their reading and writing skills. We will read a variety of texts, including:

  • fiction (legends, novels, folklore, science fiction)
  • nonfiction (auobiographies, informational books, diaries)
  • poetry
  • drama (skits,plays)
  • consumer (recipes, how-to-articles, menus)

Some Books We Will Read In Class
Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Soft Rain
The Wright Brothers At Kitty Hawk

Harriet Tubman, Conductor of the Underground Railroad

Kids, remember you are required to read Accelerated Reader books for your at home reading log. You only have to complete 1 job each night. You may choose which job you want to do, but complete a different job each night. For example, if you draw an illustration on Monday night, you will not draw on any of the other nights. At the end of the week, you will have completed 1 summary, 1 connection, 1 illustration, and 1 vocabulary. You do not have to do the jobs in order. Directions for the jobs:

Summary – Write several sentences describing the main events in the part you read that night.

Connection – Make a text to text, text to self, or text to world connection about what you read that night. Example: I made a text to self connection when Peter tried to act like he wantd the picture dictionary from Mrs. Yarby and he already had one. My aunt gave me a Playstation game that I already had so I acted like polite like Peter and didn’t tell her.

Illustration – Draw a picture in the box, illustrating a scene from the part you read. Do a good job so that I can tell that you had a good mental image of what you read.

Vocabulary – Write down any new words that you read with the context clue or the dictionary definition. Example: racket page 7 – means noise that is not pleasant to hear.

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