This page will have the latest events, workshops, and learning opportunities that we have for students. Please come back often and check for updates!


  • Registration for next school year is just around the corner.  Be prepared!  The course booklet and offerings are available online and should be reviewed before pre-registration and registration.  You will receive a copy of your 4-year plan and your transcript to help you through this process.  Remember, PowerScheduler through PowerSchool will be the tool used to create the master schedule for each school.  When selecting classes, BE SURE you list classes you want to take.  This includes your “alternates.”  If you are unable to get your first choice on one of your classes, because of conflicts, the PowerScheduler will choose one of the courses you selected as an Alternate.  There will be NO schedule changes if you ‘marked’ a course to take and then simply “changed your mind!”


Helping you plan, apply, and pay for college

  • College Foundation’s College Application DayThe goal of the College Application Week is to provide every graduating high school senior the opportunity to apply to college online using

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